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Man kills himself after being falsely accused of rape by a lady he refused to date.

A young man named Izu has committed suicide because he could not bear the shame and harassment that came with being labeled a rapist.

He was added to a list of rapists created by a lady known as NANIPUNANI on Instagram who had wanted to date him but he refused. Izu posted his suicide note on twitter when he could not handle the pressure that came with being accused of a crime he knew nothing about.

His chat history revealed that he had earlier begged his accuser to throw more light on the accusation. He had also apologized without being told who the said victim was. His accuser refused to reveal who the victim was.

Lady who falsely accused Izu of rape

After Izu's death, Nani made her account private with a statement that she does not regret what she did on her Bio.

People have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure on the recent spate of false rape accusations. It is becoming a trend now for a lady to falsely accuse a man of rape just to spite him.

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A Twitter user anita_vams@a__vanita had this to say. in a tweet along with a picture of Izu

His name is Izu. He committed suicide. He was falsely accused of rape. He tried to clear his name. His name is Izu.

Another user Plove@PreciousDeseo also tweeted

'I don't want you' is not rape 'I am no longer interested' is not rape. 'I don't love you anymore' is not rape. 'I think he raped me' is not rape 'It felt like rape' is not rape. 'He did not give me head' is not rape Say no to false rape accusation.

You can get more info on this topic by following #Justiceforizu on twitter

His close friend has called out his accuser, NANI and is demanding justice for Izu.

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